computer diagnostics service

Vivid Technology Services is proud to present our 10 point diagnostics service!

★★★★★ Five Star Repair Service right here in Vancouver WA! ★★★★★

Vivid Technology Services is proud to present our 10 point computer diagnostics service:

  • Is your laptop or desktop PC computer system acting up?
  • Is your system having trouble posting or loading Windows?
  • Having issues with no sound or video?

If you're having issues with the above or any other problem our Techs can get to the root of your problem and best of all if you choose to have Vivid do your repair we will even waive the diagnostic fee! That’s right, your diagnostic could be free!

Our technicians can perform our “Five Star 10 point computer diagnostics service on your device and you don't even need an appointment. Call or visit us today or try our live chat support system right here on this website! Just click the “Live Chat” link!

  1. Careful Visual Inspection Inspect the device’s casing for damage.
  2. Our technicians will Inspect  all external and internal cables connected to your system.
  3. Our technicians will Inspect all Fans, pumps and heat sinks as bad fans are a frequent cause of overheating issues and often fail without warning.
  4. Our technicians will Inspect your devices Power Supply or adapter. Inconsistencies in power can cause random lock ups, sub par performance or even damaged components.
  5. Our technicians will Inspect all vents and sinks on your device as debris or blockage can cause overheating and rob years off the life of your device!
  6. Our technicians will Inspect will check the Video and Audio output on your device verifying that your settings and drivers are optimal.
  7. Our technicians will test your system Memory ensuring that your system is performing at its best and not suffering from poorly configured memory settings or from faulty memory modules.
  8. Our technicians will Inspect your System Disk Health Your hard drive has internal moving parts and a limited lifespan. We can say with 100% certainty that your hard drive WILL FAIL, it is just a matter of time. We run diagnostic tests on your hard disk drive to detect imminent failures where possible.
  9. Our technicians will check your device for System Errors running various diagnostic software tools.
  10. Our technicians will verify hardware drivers and operating system updates making sure that all your drivers and updates are current and free of errors.

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